The Well

Core Values

Jesus Centered

  • Proclaims Jesus as Lord and Savior
  • Spends time in the Bible
  • Follows spiritual disciplines (study, prayer, fasting, fellowship, worship, confession, personal reflection, Sabbath, service, solitude, submission, giving)
  • Offer prayers for the ministry, those we serve, and teammates
  • Seeks Jesus in our personal journey
  • Celebrates that my personal journey with Jesus is unique to me

Servant Hearted

  • Displays the Fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control)
  • Supports others by putting their interest ahead of our own
  • Lends a hand when it is needed
  • Helps others even when it is uncomfortable


  • An active listener who is present in the moment
  • Willing to step toward a new relationship and engage with people not like us
  • Gets to know teammates (families, gifts, etc.)
  • Speaks positively about and encourages teammates
  • Builds others up and spurs teammates on in ministry
  • Believes the best in others

Kingdom Minded

  • Has the eyes to see individuals and how God created them
  • Unshockable in what the world throws at us
  • Focuses on God’s glory with an eternal mindset
  • Has a goal of advancing the gospel on earth and reaching the lost
  • Willing to partner with other kingdom minded organizations

Passionate for the Ministry of the Well

  • Sees role within the ministry as a calling
  • Stands firm in ministry and unshakeable in the day
  • Advocates for the mission through words and actions
  • Holds teammates accountable to the mission
  • Moves forward as a united team when a decision is made

Growth Minded

  • Has a desire to be a life-long learner
  • Open minded and seeks to understand the perspective of others
  • Recognizes that personal growth feeds organizational growth
  • Recognizes that the way things are is not how they will be and is open to change
  • Has the courage to step forward into the new and unknown

Rock Reflections

Take a peek into what we are sharing with our internal teams.

Each week we share a Core Value video created by a member of our leadership team for all teams to watch and discuss. What do these core values mean? How do we see each of these core values playing out in our lives as we journey together here at The Well? Everyone then has an opportunity to write a “You Rock” card for a teammate when they see that month’s core value exhibited. You may not catch the videos, but we’d love to share the video transcripts with you.

Maybe you too can journey with us!