Dear friend of The Well,

​As I look back on the last five years, it’s amazing how God has blessed this ministry. In the coming season, we have titled our planning sessions with the word “Growth.” The growth we have experienced is reflective of the fact that God’s math is different than ours… A few highlights include things like:

  • We are serving over 4,000 different people through our Resource Centers
  • Over 400 different people are attending our programs
  • We’re employing over 20 clients in our Well Works program
  • Our Thrift Stores are covering over 90% of our operational costs
  • We have over 500 servant-hearted volunteers that support the Well with their time

Numbers are one thing, but the stories of transformation are another. We’ve been blessed to walk with people that come to the Well as a client, volunteer, customer, and community partner and their growth has been amazing. We get to see freedom from addiction, debt eliminated, families reunited, relationships repaired, and new relationships forged. They are finding stability in a world of chaos. Relationships are so important to us, and when we’re in relationship we can speak truth.

Being part of a relationship when someone realizes they are not identified by their past but by their identity and gifting that comes from the Lord is amazing. People see the Well as a place of healing, a place of community, and a place of family. Ultimately people are finding hope at the Well. It is so much fun to see those connected to the Well in our communities and see how they’re making this world a better place. I would encourage you to stop by and check it out.

What we offer doesn’t happen without support. As we spring into the upcoming ministry year, we ask that you prayerfully consider being a part of adding hope to those we serve through your financial support. We look to continue to grow our client base and strengthen our services, both of which rely on resources. We are so appreciative of our communities, our partners, and you for being part of this journey.