Well Works

Transformation Through Work.


Doing Good Work in Your Community

Why do some people struggle with employment? Let’s face it. There are a number of organizations that will help people get a job; there are very few who will teach them how to keep it.


That’s Where The Well Steps In…

If you are struggling with employment,
take a look at how the Well Works program may help you find stability, to help you get back on your feet.

There’s grace for everyone…we’ve seen it all.

If you are an interested bystander,
we know you want more for your community, and to see people overcome their circumstances. We get it. Yes, you most likely want struggling people to get a job, but it should ultimately be about finding stability, self-sufficiency, and the dignity that comes through work.

Well Works is:

… a work environment where participants actively engage in their transformation, develop soft and technical work skills, actively remove life barriers, and experience the love of Jesus that leads to long-term stability in life.  Participants find dignity while earning a paycheck performing light manufacturing work or other placement at The Well. We help them achieve stability, self-sufficiency, and break cycles of dependencies.

Our philosophy is that God created each person with unique gifts and talents, and that He has put the necessary ability inside of each person to be successful. Our purpose is to help clients discover the work God has for them and to equip them to accomplish that work. We target the root of why it’s so hard to get a job. And keep it.

Well Works Pella workshop



  • Our clients are ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS in their own transformation. They are committing and paid for 35 HOURS A WEEK to the program.
  • Getting and keeping a job isn’t easy. There’s A LOT OF INSTABILITY in our clients’ lives which The Well Resource Center is HELPING THEM TO NAVIGATE.
  • OUTSOURCED WORK is provided by local manufacturing partners such as Vermeer Corporation, LDJ, Ring-O-Matic, Right Turn Supply, and Geetings in Pella, and Dexter Laundry, and Traffix Devices in Fairfield.
  • Although everyone is on their own journey, it takes @ 12-18 MONTHS TO GRADUATE and be re-employed back into the community.
  • It costs $15,000 annually to support one person through the Well Works program.

Well Works

Phases of the Program




Meet weekly with our Resource Center to evaluate circumstances and readiness.



Engage in Well Works, set goals, begin programming and barrier removal.



Re-evaluate goals, continue to address barriers, increase community network.


MONTH 8-10

Build resources and take steps towards self-sufficiency


MONTH 11-12

Prepare for employment back into the community.

Well Works Focuses On…

Work Skills

Each team member will build knowledge and skills in the areas of:

  • safety
  • quality
  • productivity
  • work hardening
  • the “rules of work”
  • continuous improvement

Participants will learn technical work skills such as:

  • product assembly
  • material handling
  • equipment operation
  • manufacturing terminology
  • specialized skills based on contract work

Well Works Focuses On…

Soft Skills

Participants will focus on learning skills such as:

  • responsibility
  • accountability
  • teamwork
  • building work stamina
  • responding well to coaching
  • giving positive input for process improvement
  • communicating effectively
  • resolving workplace conflict in positive ways

Resource Center Focuses On…

Building Resources

At least 3 hours per week are spent in programming, coaching and working on other areas of instability. Participants have individual coaching sessions with our Resource Center team to identify areas of instability, explore strategies to remove barriers and build resources, and work toward breaking dependencies. We speak truth into the strengths and giftings of each person.

Programming Focuses On…


Each participant is engaged in programming that focuses on areas of instability. We create safe spaces to explore their relationship with God, their identity, value and worth. We dive into other areas that may be specific to the person, such as:

  • Life Skills
  • Emotional Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Addiction / Recovery
  • Healing
  • Health & Wellness
Works program

This is a COMMUNITY EFFORT. We have a Resource Center that was started through the efforts of multiple churches, individuals, and businesses, because they knew there was a better way of “helping.” The Well Resource Center is working WITH people to find stability. What makes The Well unique is that we can bring WORK right alongside it.

Testimonial from a Well Works Graduate

“The work aspect here wasn’t like my biggest issue when I came to The Well. It was finding who I am and getting a good support network and working through all these emotional issues that I never really had time to deal with in my life.”