Hi everybody. We’re entering month 3 on our core values, and this month it is Relational. What I wanted to talk to you about today is, just what is Relational and what does it mean? So under our core value of Relational, we say that someone who is relational is:

  • an active listener who is present in the moment.
  • willing to step forward in a new relationship and engage with people not like us.
  • they get to know teammates such as families, gifts that they have, etcetera.
  • they speak positively about, and they encourage their teammates on.
  • they build others up and they spur their teammates on the ministry.
  • they believe the best in others.

And as I sat and reflected on this whole Relational component of our core values, what I think about is when I struggle relationally, it is typically my own junk getting in the way; my own stuff. So I want to hone in a little bit on the whole thought of “believing the best in one another.” And I looked at the scripture in 1st Peter chapter 48 says, “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.” So I go back to the times when I struggle in relationship with others, it is typically my junk colliding with somebody else’s junk; they’re butting up against one another.

What I would like you guys to talk about as a group today is,

  1. How do you recognize that it is possibly your own stuff that is getting in the way of having a healthy relationship?
  2. How do you step around your own junk, overcome your own stuff, to have a healthy relationship with one another?

And I do think there’s this piece of “believing the best in one another” that kind of kicks it all off. If we can put a heart posture out there that says, “I know this person isn’t trying to hurt me. I need to look inside to understand what’s going on to better navigate this relationship.”

I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy your discussion. – Jayson