We serve a number of people who would say they don’t have friends. A while ago, I had the privilege of driving one of our long-term clients to rehab in Des Moines.  There were so many amazing things that happened in that little trip. We conversed about his family, how he got to this point in life, and what it was going to take to start anew.

When we arrived at the Rehab Center he asked me to stay for his intake. His vitals were checked, pockets emptied, and paperwork filled out. In emptying his pockets, he had carried in a lighter which is not allowed. They said it would need to be thrown away, and he asked me if I would take it because it said “Hope.”

In filling out paperwork, the form asked about visitors. He then asked if I was good with him putting my name on his visitor list, and I agreed. As he filled it out, it asked for our relationship, so he turned to me and asked me what I was?  I told him “I’m your friend.”  I was honored to be one of two people on his list.

His mother got the first spot.