Discover Hope 517
A Bible-based, Christ-centered recovery program

Discover Hope 517

Breaking Chains

Discover Hope 517 is partnering with The Well. To get involved, please call 641-621-0164 ext 727 or email:

Discover Hope believes in the power of God’s word, prayer, and restoration. Discover Hope is a place where you can find a community of people who believe in you while you work on your recovery. Discover Hope provides addiction recovery support for addictions, unhealthy behaviors, and life controlling issues through Bible based recovery classes, support groups, and mentoring.

Discover Hope 517 Mission

Discovering hope through Christ Jesus for those who want to transform to a new life and break free from their past.

Discover Hope 517 Vision

To create a safe haven in Christ for those who are seeking refuge and want to change their lives by allowing God to restore their lives through our Savior Jesus Christ.