The Well Resource Center –

Care Coordinator

Pay: $15 – $18/hr. 
Hours: FT/PT 

Do you recognize value in walking alongside those struggling to overcome challenges? We create a space for people to explore, connect, and experience the love of Jesus that leads to transformation and stability in life. We are an entrepreneurial Christian organization that collaborates with people and communities willing to participate in their own transformation. Your individual skill and talents are important to us and add value to the team! 

Job Duties: 

  • Focus on building relationships by being ready and willing to engage with those experiencing difficult life situations and those that have different experiences, mindsets, values, and ways of doing things 
  • Engages with clients to focus on long-term stability by utilizing established tools such as development plans, life skill stability plans, etc.  
  • Utilize Motivational Interviewing to assist clients in discovering root issues and developing plans for moving forward 
  • Focuses on being in prayer for all things and intentionally provides prayer for those engaging with the Resource Center 
  • Work with clients to discover social programs that they may benefit from to assist with their stability journey 

Job Requirements: 

  • Ability to maintain client confidentiality at all times by utilizing poise, tact, and diplomacy around situations with sensitive and confidential information 
  • Display organizational skills and utilize technology effectively to carry out duties including client interaction documentation and client follow up 
  • Willingness to learn poverty culture, including the value and belief systems of those that have experienced generational and/or situational poverty 
  • Maintains a posture of being people focused first and task focused second  

Perks of The Well: 

  • Sabbath days – extra rest outside PTO
  • Time for spiritual development
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Career skill development
  • Christian community providing and receiving prayer
  • Food, fellowship and fun to celebrate team member milestones