We met with a married couple whom we’ve known at The Well for a few years. Both are recovering addicts, and they are in a very good place in regard to their recovery.  In fact, the husband has been clean for over two years!  Both of them shared about a difficult situation they’re working through in their lives, and I couldn’t help but be moved as I saw the fingerprints of God all over both of them. But for the grace of God, they’d be in a gutter, without each other, their kids, their family and friends, their jobs, their home, their sobriety. I was overcome with joy as I listened. I felt so proud of both of them!  They are enduring a tough season with the mom of his daughter, who has moved out of town (violating their divorce decree) and has failed to keep her promises time after time about spending time with his daughter.  They weren’t sure where to turn on this particular day. Both had taken time off work to formulate a plan for moving forward and decided to drop into The Well to talk and pray.  We had no scheduled appointment at the time and were able to meet with them.  We (the Care Coordinators meeting with them) would both agree, it was a divine appointment. We brainstormed with them and provided some resources for them, and when it came time to pray, I was out! Tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, I knew I wouldn’t do them justice.  My partner Care Coordinator stepped in and covered them beautifully in prayer. The dad was moved to tears as well and thankful to The Well for helping them get their thoughts together and petitioning the Lord on their behalf.  We heaped encouragement and blessing upon them as they left. The dad said it would be easy to have a stiff drink right now but had decided already he wasn’t going to do that. They blessed us with their visit as much as we did them.