The Well partners with a government program called National Able Network (NAN). NAN equips participants who are over the age of 55 to gain experience in the workplace in order to seek long-term stable employment in the community. The Well is a jobsite for NAN participants while also being able to offer other supports to help people reach their goals. The primary goal for the NAN participant is to find employment within a four-year period. In our experience we know that for those who struggle with employment, there are typically other underlying factors that inhibit one’s ability to get and keep a stable job.

A few years ago, The Well was hosting one of the NAN participants who was due to “graduate” in a few months after having spent four years with us. Looking back at when this person started, she has gained leaps and bounds in multiple areas of her life. When The Well first came into relationship with this woman, mental illness prevented her from having confidence or hope for the future. She experienced some extremely low times throughout the past four years as we walked with her in relationship and support. Through trainings with the program and consistent time spent with our team in The Well Resource Center, bold prayer, and a group effort by all staff and volunteers to show her love, she was able to overcome mental health barriers and rise above the hopelessness. 

After four years, this beautiful participant had the confidence to apply for jobs herself and took an active role to prepare for the interview process and secure a job! She was so nervous, but she pulled through. She now has a job she loves and is supporting herself financially. The Well was able to see God grow her in so many ways and rejoice with her as she moved on to this next step in life with stability and supports in place. Although we miss her dearly, we celebrate with her. We were thankful that she spent time with us at The Well, and that we got to have a first-hand relationship and witness to her growth journey.

Let’s Ask:

  1. How did The Well walk alongside this NAN participant?
  2. Is job experience the only thing she needed to be successful in a job?
  3. What assumptions do people make when they see an unemployed middle-aged person?
  4. How can these assumptions miss underlying factors that may be inhibiting someone from a stable job?
  5. Could you or other people in your life benefit from the NAN program? If you reside near one of The Well locations, please reach out for more information.