Recently one of our long-time clients expressed concern over her daughter’s behavior at school. The client was frustrated with the school system and having a hard time communicating with the staff at the school. She had begun to consider homeschooling her daughter. There were a couple of issues with this client wanting to homeschool.  One, she herself does not have a high school diploma, and two, she struggles with mental health issues that don’t always allow her to function the best. The staff at The Well offered to support her at the school in any way possible.

We have now attended two conferences at the school with our client.  She has felt encouraged and heard at both conferences, and it has meant a lot to her to have someone there who is supporting her. Being a single mom with no family in the area, she sometimes struggles to find support. After we met with her at the school, she has a better understanding of how they are handling things. She no longer wants to homeschool and feels very encouraged by how the school is handling situations that arise with her daughter.