Grief Support
Supporting people going through loss


Good Grief led by Pam Bettger offers opportunities to grieve well through hard seasons in life.

Pam Bettger, CT provides grief support for people as they adjust to life without a loved one. This program is paid for by Garden Chapel Community Foundation and there is no cost for participants.

Good Grief Resource Night meetings are hosted by The Well. Each night begins at 7 pm, are held at The Well, and are stand-alone sessions open to the public. Sessions planned for 2024 are:

  • JANUARY 15: Dr. Nancy Vander Broek – Impact of Grief on Health
  • JANUARY 29: Hollee Stover Nelson, T-LMHC – Untangling Grief from Trauma (Eunoia Counseling)
  • FEBRUARY 12: Pastor Klayton Korver – Mixing Faith and Grief (Third Church)
  • FEBRUARY 26: Angela Van Roekel – Creating Helps Grief (Art Teacher, Pella Schools)
  • MARCH 4: Shelby Fuhs, T-LMCH – Debunking Grief (Heartland Christian Counseling)

RSVP to one or several sessions by calling 515-447-3383, or 641-621-0164 ext. 706.

Grief Support Groups are offered three times a year, held in the spring, summer and fall. Each group meets for 8 weeks at The Well, with each session lasting from 6:30 pm to 8 pm. Groups are limited to 10 people, and registration is required to attend.

An Evening to Remember Our Loved Ones is an event held each November at the Garden Chapel Funeral Home in Pella. This program addresses going through the holidays without a loved one. All are invited. Typically held the Thursday before Thanksgiving, watch for details on the date.

Pam Bettger, CT

Pam Bettger, CT

“Just wanted to let you know how helpful your grief support has been to me.  Tuesday, I enjoyed a get together with three friends and laughed and laughed and laughed with abandon and that for the first time since the death of my husband. Yes, I was broken but not destroyed; I choose to swell on my path to a recovery whatever that might look like.  Just like my symbolic flowerpot, I am not the same but will make my way and make it useful.  Thanks so much!” – Quote from participant

If you have questions, or to sign up for a group, please contact Pam at 515-447-3383 and leave a message, or email at