We have a client “Bill” who felt he had a relationship with Jesus when he was a teen-ager. “Bill” said he did a lot of volunteering at his church, helped build a house and attended church regularly. Recently, though, he said he’s felt like God hasn’t done anything in his life for him. Through the trusting relationship we’ve built with Bill, we were first able to discuss the difference between working for Jesus and having a personal relationship with Jesus. “Bill” didn’t understand at first. He thought because he was doing all these things and attending church, he had a personal relationship with Him. When we discussed how we cannot earn our relationship with Jesus or our entry into Heaven, he began to understand that it’s because of our personal relationship with Jesus, we then want to work for Him. A lightbulb went off in his head and he got it.  We discussed simply talking with God and starting the new relationship.

In that same conversation, another fellow client “Chad” was in the room.  When “Chad” said he didn’t see God working in his own life, unexpectedly, “Bill” began telling “Chad” all the ways he sees God working in “Chad’s” life. Our Well team just sat back and watched the beautiful conversation taking place between two young men.

“Bill” started out saying he’s still not sure about God, but then proceeded to explain how God is working in this young man “Chad’s” life.  It was as if he was convincing himself, all the while still claiming he’s not sure if he believes in God.  God is sovereign. His ways are not our ways but He’s always faithful and working in our lives.