Is it normal to feel like God has abandoned you? How do you know God is with you?

One day, an older gentleman came into The Well Thrift Store looking for furniture. Loren, a volunteer helping in furniture room, engaged him in conversation and found out he was sick. Loren felt Holy Spirit nudge him, so he asked the gentleman, “Do you know the Lord?” He responded, “No, God left me years ago.” The man went on to share how God was never present in his previous failed marriages, etc. Loren listened, and then gently spoke truth to him about how God has NEVER left him. He has always been present. It’s just difficult to see through the mess. The man continued to drop into the furniture room, sometimes with his sons, sometimes alone. Loren would always take time to visit and pray for them when they came in.

One morning, Loren had a devotion that really stuck out to him. He shared it with the entire team in The Well Thrift store. He had also printed a copy and gave it to the man’s son who had been in to shop that day. Come to find out others in the main part of The Well Thrift Store had met and been praying for and with the father unbeknownst to the son. He saw how God had brought his dad to The Well Thrift Store, and each volunteer and team member he was connecting with was offering prayer, intercession, and encounters with Jesus. God works through people to reach people who need Him.

Let’s Ask:

  1. How was The Well Thrift Store team walking alongside this gentleman?
  2. Do you think God is with you, leaves you periodically, or has left you?
  3. Have there been times you’ve asked God to just show up, and you feel He hasn’t? Have you shared your true feelings with God?
  4. Knowing God wants to reach people through people, are there people in your life who are bringing hope, and you feel safe talking with?
  5. Are there people in your life that are needing the hope of Jesus, and you are too afraid to step in and ask?

Joshua 1:9 “This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” NLT