Hey team, glad to be joining with you today. On the heels of chatting about Sabbath at our all staff meeting last week, I thought that might be a great opportunity to connect that with the last week of our core value around being Jesus Centered. I recently read a devotional by an author by the name of Tim Keller. Some of you may be familiar, and he comes up with six distinct ways that we should spend our Sabbath time, and I thought I’d share these six with you. If anybody wants more detail around these, because I’ll skim through these pretty quickly, contact me and I’ll send you the link to the article, because it is a really good one.

  1. The first one Tim talks about is Time Completely Unplanned. Just as it sounds, have some time that’s unplanned. You can let the Holy Spirit lead It’s a fantastic way to spend some time.
  2. Number two is Take Some Avocational Time. That is something that you find pleasure doing, but actually takes a little bit of skill. It’s not just wasting time, but it’s actually doing something that feeds your spirit, and things that you’re good at.
  3. The next one is Contemplative Time. Real simply, that is just time where you connect with the Lord through prayer or quiet time or Bible reading or that sort of thing.
  4. The fourth thing is Aesthetic Time. When God created the earth that 7th day, he rested and he just enjoyed the beauty of everything that he created. So get some time in nature or spend some time with music or the arts. That’s a fantastic way to connect with our Lord.
  5. The fifth one is to Nurture Relationships. Spend some time with friends, spend some time with family. That is another great way to connect. We have the privilege of knowing a God and being in relationship with Him and He created us to be in relationships. So what a fantastic way to spend some Sabbath time, having lunch with a friend, or spending some time with your spouse, or just a good friend that you haven’t caught up with in a while so.
  6. And then last one is Inject Sabbath into a Daily Routine. We can’t always get filled up in just one day in the week. So he stresses, maybe eliminate one of your to do items this week, maybe today if you have laundry on your list, let it go until tomorrow. To create some space in your day to actually just say, it’s OK if I don’t get that to do done. And our culture, with how fast everything’s moving, it’s hard to do that.

So I just encourage you all. Thank you for paying attention to all these videos we’re sending out. I hope you’re finding them enjoyable. And year, just blessings on your week. Thanks, team!